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"Be Invisible"

Clear aligners for orthodontic tooth straightening with transparent foils represents the latest technology in dentistry for rapid tooth straightening. Thin, transparent, light, cause neither pain nor discomfort, effective. An ideal solution for irregular front teeth and an irregular bite as well.


Clear aligners are very similar to home teeth whitening but are made of harder, but thinner plastics and are almost not visible at all. You can wear them everywhere and always they are invisible since being almost completely transparent. The teeth correction process is so fast that you will be absolutely thrilled.

"Be invisible" is the newest and most innovative orthodontic treatment, and below you can find several reasons why is the best choice for you.

  • innovative technology based on extensive experience

  • starting and final solutions may be seen even before the commencement of therapy

  • aesthetically satisfactory

  • the thinnest and least conspicuous aligner system in the market

  • 3D digital making enables precise correction

  • highly pleasant to wear due to its extremely soft plastic materials

  • does not impede speech

  • a quick option in treatment planning

  • comfortable, inconspicuous and painless

  • can be removed at any given moment

  • it requires only a few brief check-ups

  • no limitations with respect to oral hygiene, no food restrictions

  • no emergency appointments

The price of the whole treatment can vary from 1800 EUR up to 2200 EUR, depending on the complexity of the patient’s case. The price is for both jaws + all check-ups are include.


Feel free to “BOOK NOW”, and have a free consultation done at one of our dental offices, or we can do it online.

Please make sure to share with us your Panoramic Orthodontics X-ray image!

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