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Book a free consultation and share with us the issues that you are experiencing. On the call, we will share with you the approach that we plan to take in order to help you and also will share with you the total budget that you will need if you decide to use the services our Dental Clinic offers.


If you are near to one of our Dental Clinics, feel free to book a free consultation in person (and skip steps 2, 3 and 4).




As soon as you have your free consultation done with us, and if our price estimation meets your budget, as next step, you will need to plan your trip to one of our Dental Clinics in Dojran, Skopje or Bitola.

  • For visiting the Dental Clinic in Dojran, we recommend you to use the nearest airport in Thessaloniki. The driving distance between Dojran and Thessaloniki is approximately 76.2 kilometers. You can use these coordinates to find us on the map - 41.173404, 22.732728.

  • For visiting the Dental Clinic in Bitola, we recommend you to use the nearest airport located in the city of Ohrid. The driving distance between Ohrid and Bitola is no more than 80 kilometers. You can use these coordinates to find us on the map - 41.033521, 21.341875.

  • For visiting the Dental Clinic in Skopje, we recommend you to use the nearest airport in Skopje. The driving distance between the Dental Clinic in Skopje and the airport is approximately 20 kilometers.



check accomodations

Step 2 and 3 should be done together. Simultaneously as you book a flight, you will need to book your accommodation too.

There are a lot of beautiful places to stay in Dojran, Bitola or Skopje. Feel free to click on "CHECK ACCOMMODATIONS" and see the accommodations listed on Airbnb or




As soon as you arrive, on one of the nearby airports, one of our local drivers with excellent knowledge of the English language will be expecting you. The driver will be holding a card bearing your name and the words "Dental Hero" and will help you to arrive at the accommodation that you choose and furthermore will take you to the Dental Clinic in which you have an appointment booked. Furthermore, the driver will take you back to the airport for your departure.



DEntal Treatment

Upon arrival at the Clinic, you should report to reception. Once your details have been registered, your dental assistant will take your orthopantomography x-ray and take you to your dentist for your consultation.

Your dentist will make an oral examination and evaluate your x-ray and discuss with you your wishes and requirements. Based on your consultation, your dentist will formulate your treatment plan. You will be given all relevant information explaining the treatment(s) and then have the opportunity to discuss this plan with your dentist.

Once you are happy with the treatment prescribed and have agreed upon the plan, you will be given your appointment times. On signing the treatment plan, the patient should pay 50% of the total amount for that first stage. The remaining 50% is payable on completing that stage.




After you finish with the treatment and you are back to your home country, any time you require any further assistance or need more information, feel free to contact us. We are here to assist you.

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