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Dental Clinic in Bitola

The Dental Clinic in Bitola is a specialized orthodontics center fully equipt with the latest technology used in the oral health industry. Our dental standards are unified, in line with European standards. Following the global dental trends, we are constantly investing in the modernization of our center with top dental materials and equipment. 

The city of Bitola, also known as “City of Consuls”, is located near the border with Greece, at the foot of Baba Mountain in Pelister National Park.

Pelister National Park covers an area of 17.150 hectares - at an altitude of 927 to 2601 m. It abounds with unique natural resources and is home of rare and endemic animal and plant species.  It has numerous hiking trails giving you the possibility to see and experience all the beauty of Baba Mountain and Pelister. Trademark of Pelister are clear spring water and rivers where you can see Pelister and Pelagonia trout, waterfalls and glacial mountain lakes - Big and Small one, also known as Pelister's Eyes.


Bitola has an amazing location because it is surrounded by 3 airports. The driving distance between Bitola and the airport in Thessaloniki is approximately 200 kilometers. Also, the driving distance between Skopje airport and Bitola is no more than 165 kilometers. There is a third airport nearby, in Ohrid, and the driving distance between Ohrid airport and Bitola is no more than 80 kilometers.

The Dental Clinic is located in near the city center and it is in 5 min walking distance from all local amenities. The address is st. Bataljon Stiv Naumov 2, Bitola 7000. You can use these coordinates to find us 41.033521, 21.341875.

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