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Dental Clinic in Dojran

The Dental Clinic in Dojran is a specialized implant center fully equipt with the latest technology used in the oral health industry. Our dental standards are unified, in line with European standards. Following the global dental trends, we are constantly investing in the modernization of our center with top dental materials and equipment. 

The city of Dojran is often visited by tourists due to the Mediterranean climate and the proximity of the city of Thessaloniki. The quantity of plankton and algae makes the water in the Dojran very healing, therefore many tourists with health problems stay even for a few months in Dojran.


The location of the city is great. The driving distance between Dojran and the airport in Thessaloniki is approximately 76.2 kilometers. Also, the driving distance between Skopje airport and Dojran is no more than 164.7 kilometers.

Our dental clinic is just 20 meters from the beach, which promises you a pleasant environment to relax, while your teeth are getting fixed.

The Dental Clinic is located in the old part of Dojran, next to Fuk-Tak Beach Bar. The address is st. Marshal Tito 3/4, Sretnovo Dojran. We are just a few kilometers away from the Greek border. You can use these coordinates to find us 41.173404, 22.732728.

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