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How to keep your pocket full and have a million dollar smile?

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

We all want to have a beautiful smile. To have that seductive white color on our teeth and furthermore to have them in a perfect line. But not always we get what we expect. Very often we can lose a tooth, and the reason for the tooth loose can variate. Sometimes it is because we are not cautious of what we eat or sometimes it is because we don’t care enough about our teeth health in general.

Despite why we lost our tooth, in the end we experience the same thing -  expensive dental treatments! We all get to that point when we want to have that beautiful smile, but our pocket is not always in correlation with what we want. Not even to talk about thinking to have an implant set as a substitute to out missing tooth - that would cost us a fortune.

But, everything is not that bad. There are dental heroes out there that will help you to overcome your agony and replace any missing tooth you have. Nowadays we have transport options that allow us to go everywhere we want for an affordable price. Furthermore, there are dental clinics abroad that are not just good from a financial point of view, but furthermore, they have the knowledge and expertise accumulated by more than 15 years of dental practice, especially implantation.

Let me share with you how you can actually have the oral health that you want and at the same time save a lot of money. I will take an example case study with dental implants.

  1. Search online for dental practices that offer dental tourism as part of their dental service portfolio.

  2. Many dental studios, especially those from the Balkans offer dental tourism services, mostly dental implants.

  3. Analyze the location of the dental studio. Is it near an airport? If it is, please find the low budget air companies that can get you there for a price as a bus ticket.

  4. Refer this to a friend who has the same issue, and invites him to come with you together on this new experience. I guarantee you that he will buy you lunch because you helped him to save money and have his million dollar smile back!

Besides all, you can have your vacation there! Every dental studio that offers dental tourism will definitely help you to organize a nice vacation in their country.

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