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Whiter teeth in 1 week!

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

To start off, this is not a usual how-to blog post which describes some hacks how to get whiter teeth. This is a breakdown of all the tips and tricks on how to keep your teeth white and how to keep your oral health in a good state

The first and most common remedy that can be found in any home is baking soda. Try mixing it once a day with your toothpaste or just with water. Brush your teeth on a daily basis and watch for the results. Besides from being a natural whitener, baking soda can help you do a “peeling” (like facial peeling) on your teeth. The granular structure helps get rid of stains and food leftovers.

The second thing that is recommended to consume on a daily basis is strawberries.

Besides being really tasty and enjoyable, their small granules help keep the space between your teeth clean and also freshen your breath.

And final, and most important one!

Always brush your teeth at least 2 times a day - in the morning and before going to bed. If you have an opportunity, try washing your teeth after every meal. Do not use a big amount of toothpaste every time and so not brush thoroughly after every meal. Leave that for the last wash.

Also, the key to keeping your teeth healthy and clean is flossing. Use wax flosses that will easily slide between your teeth and will clean out everything that is hard to get to with a toothbrush.


And remember: YOU are the most important factor in keeping your teeth clean and white! The more you take care of your health and keep your healthy habits, the more you will have a healthy and white smile.

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