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3 Drinks That Are Bad For Your Oral Health

There isn’t a person out there who doesn’t love a cold soda or doesn’t have a favorite cocktail to sip on. What you probably haven’t thought of is the effects these drinks have on your teeth. Unfortunately, many of the liquids that you have every single day can cause a number of defects without you even knowing. These are the three worst drinks for your oral health you should try to stay away from:

Carbonated Drinks

Yes, sodas are so delicious but have an extremely damaging effect on your smile. So many people are addicted to carbonated drinks and are not even aware of the bad influence they have on their life.

Let’s start with the fact that these liquids are packed with sugar. Bacteria present in your mouth use the sugar as a source to produce acids, which later damage the enamel and cause cavity. Another thing to know is that carbonated drinks also contain acidic ingredients that directly affect the teeth’s hard tissues.

These same sodas tend to dry out the mouth, making you want to have them more and more. It’s essentially a closed circle that ends up with demineralization of the tooth substances. One of the smartest tips you need to know is that if you still decide to have sodas, grab a glass of water as well and sip on it right after the soda.

Sports Drinks

S drinks contain so much sugar that they are even worse than carbonated ones. Aside from sugar, they also have a very low pH level that causes an acidic environment in the oral cavity.

These two factors together make the mouth more susceptible to damage, especially on the enamel and other hard tissues. The problem with sports drinks is that people tend to have them right after a workout. Physical activity leads to a lower saliva flow in the mouth, so it makes you very thirsty. The fact that you’re loading up on sugar on a dry mouth, combined with the acidic properties creates the perfect place for harmful bacteria to thrive.


Alcohol is a well-known bad habit. What you also need to be aware of before popping your bottle of red wine is that it also falls in the category of drinks that are bad for your oral health. It goes together with liquor, beer, and so many other alcoholic drinks.

The first ‘no, no’ on the list is, of course, high levels of sugar. This is the part that does not only demineralize the enamel, but it can contribute to the advancement of periodontal diseases. Excessive drinkers can face a dry mouth with a permanently lowered flow of saliva. Colored alcoholic drinks leave stains on the teeth and are responsible for a discolored smile. Last, but not least, the scariest side-effect of alcohol abuse is oral cancer. That is why alcohol is listed as one of the worst drinks for your oral health.

Having a drink or two once in a while is not something you should restrain yourself from. As long as it doesn’t turn into a habit you should be fine.

Almost everyone is aware that sweets and candies are harmful for the teeth. What we all forget is that drinks can also have a negative influence to the oral cavity. By avoiding these three groups of liquids you will be protecting your oral health. Combined with good oral hygiene, regular checkups, and proper advice, you will have the best and healthiest smile ever.

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