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When are dental implants needed?

Your dental health is in the decline? Using dental implants might be the best treatment for you. Of course, it's not a panacea; but, on specific occasions, it adds what was missing to your smile!

Which are they? Let's see them below.

You lost a tooth

The most obvious one is, of course, the case that your smile is incomplete. Dental Implants do exactly that, after all: they are a natural tooth's best replacement.

Why should a tooth be replaced, if fallen, you ask? It's crucial, and not only for aesthetics. Across their (and our) lifespan, teeth are not immobile. Instead, they tend to move where there's available space, and this may greatly influence your teeth alignment for the worst.

Your tooth is infected and needs to be replaced

No need to scare you here; it's not a given that an infected tooth needs to be substituted. There are treatments available in most cases. Sadly, in the unfortunate case that a dentist has to remove it, an implant can take its place, for the same reasons mentioned above.

You have a significantly damaged tooth

Life happens!

Usually, small damages can be mended, but if it is irreversible, then no need to worry. A dental implant's final result is indistinguishable. No one will be able to spot it, not even when you're looking at your smile in the mirror!

On the other hand, are you now feeling threatened by the probability of breaking your tooth? You can assure yourself that isn't the most likely scenario, but if you're still thinking about it, have a look at our guide on how to handle it, so you can be properly prepared.

Your denture is too loose

If you are using dentures instead of teeth, you might be interested in this point.

There's nothing worse than a denture sliding regularly; it's really uncomfortable! And in such a case, it's better to look at a better alternative; dental implants. As they act exactly like your natural teeth, they stick to their position; no more worries about them sliding off at the worst times possible.

Additionally, denture users know how much of a hustle is to take care of them, or how it negatively influences your facial structure. If you were looking to escape from the denture's bindings, these are all proper reasons to look for the alternative.

It's important to note that, a dentist has to evaluate how (and if) a patient can use dental implants. And this is where we can help! Contact us through our contact form or through the phone; we will be very happy to help you regain your smile!

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