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What to do when a tooth falls or is broken?

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Sadly, a lot of reasons may lead to the loss of a natural tooth, and this can happen to anyone. But the damage can be minimized if one is prepared to deal with this scenario. This is a short guide that provides all relevant information; from first aid to all the alternative procedures that will once again complete a smile, to its original, bright state!

What to do if a tooth breaks by accident?

In case a tooth is broken in some kind of accident (ex. during sports, after falling to a solid surface), emergency dental care is needed.

To prepare, if it’s possible to find your tooth, handle it solely from the crown (meaning its visible outwards tip). If needed, you may clean it with lukewarm stable water, without rubbing it. Try to put it back in its place carefully, but in case this is not possible, you may put it in milk, saline solution, or water.

As mentioned, it is crucial to head to a dentist right away. If more than two hours pass from the incident, the chances of using the natural tooth fall drastically. Other solutions are, of course, available, such as dental implants.

What happens if the tooth fell down due to a medical condition (ex. due to periodontitis)?

On such occasions, the natural tooth may be unusable. Still, if you can find it, maintain it by using milk, saline solutions, or water, and head directly for emergency dental care, for the best possible treatment.

Which are my options if I need to replace a natural tooth?

Even if the lost tooth doesn’t negatively influence your smile or your chewing, putting something back in its place is mandatory. Your teeth are not completely stable; actually, they are moving over the course of your life. And if they find a blank spot, they will gradually move to try and fill this vacant position, creating bigger problems for your dental health.

The most effective treatment for this issue is dental implants, as they provide the most benefits for the patient. While it also might be the most expensive and, sometimes, complicated solution, they are indistinguishable from natural teeth, recreating a natural full smile as it was before. Luckily, our clinic in Dojran's expertise with dental implants is unparalleled, combining stellar techniques, top-notch implant solutions, and extremely competitive prices!

Dental bridges are an alternative treatment for the issue. Initially, they are much cheaper than implants, since they don't require being implanted by surgery, but, on the contrary, they aren't very natural looking. In the long run, they are hazardous to nearby natural teeth, making them much more expensive than dental implants.

How to avoid losing a natural tooth?

Anyone can be unlucky enough to have an accident that involves losing a tooth. But combating dental diseases is possible by maintaining a proper dental health routine. Practice proper and time-adequate teeth brushing two to three times per day. Using dental floss is also highly recommended. For the best results, avoid foods that can be detrimental to a beautiful smile, such as huge amounts of sugar.

If anything seems off with your teeth or gums, book an appointment with your dentist to discuss the potential issues. In case you feel that a tooth or more is moving, get emergency dental health at the soonest.

And, of course, if you have any further questions, feel free to contact us through our contact form or through the phone. We will be very happy to help you regain or retain your dental health!

Sources: Mayo Clinic

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