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The Truth About Implant Treatments Across The Border - The Case With A Dental Clinic from Dojran

Dojran is not just a small town in the south-eastern part of North Macedonia. This gorgeous spot is popular for tourists for a number of reasons, one of which is exceptional, modern dental offices. If you’ve ever thought of crossing the border to get dental treatment, let us convince you even further. Aside from getting high-quality dental implant restorations at an affordable cost, you will receive a wonderful treatment overall.

Cheaper Dental Implants

The unfortunate truth is that dental implants are a huge investment in Greece. You have to be ready to spend 900 to 1300 euros for a single one. What we offer is a permanent restoration with the same quality, but half the price.

High Standards

Each and every implant that we install is done through a thorough process that starts with an evaluation. All patients are different, so our first task is to make sure that you are a good candidate for this type of restoration. If we agree on all terms, the next step is a high-quality implant made from some of the best brands in the world. It will be aesthetically pleasing, it will replace your missing teeth and help you fell 10 years younger.

Long-Term Experience

Our dental office in Dojran has been around for 10 years. That means we have a very long list of happy patients who leave with the brightest smile. Our team of professionals takes amazing care of them from the very first time they step into the office.

10+ years of experience

Well-Equipped Dental Office

We have paid a lot of attention to creating a space where even the most anxious patients will feel comfortable. In other words, the hygiene is impeccable, we use modern machines and equipment, and the latest materials on the market.

Well-Equipped Dental Office

No Pain

You can forget about pain the moment you sit on our dental chair. Getting an implant sure sounds like a complicated and painful procedure, but we can assure you that you won’t feel a thing.

So Close To The Border

Why spend a whole fortune on implants, when you can simply take a short trip to Dojran? After the treatment, you will be left with teeth that look like your natural ones, great memories from your visit, and you’ll still cut the planned budget in half.


With the very first visit that you do you become a part of our family. Our biggest satisfaction is happy patients with a radiant smile, which means we will do our best to send you back home with the best implant restorations. If you have any questions don’t doubt before getting in touch! Our friendly staff is more than happy to give you the advice you need.

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