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5 Q&As for Dental Implants

Our patients have a lot of questions about dental implants, which is completely normal! Replacing or restoring a lost, natural tooth isn't something that comes clear out of the bat, and that's why we at Dental Hero are here for!

For this blog post, we asked our dentists & the internet, to see which are the most popular questions that people have. Find them below!

What are Dental Implants?

Starting from the very basics; what are these things, really?

According to USA's Food & Drugs Association (FDA), dental implants are a tried & tested solution for replacing lost teeth, as they are surgically placed in one's jaw to restore their chewing ability and their appearance.

Their goal is simple; to become your new teeth, indistinguishable from your old ones!

What are Dental Implant Systems Comprised of?

Not all implants are the same, as different manufacturers may use different techniques or technologies. However, they are mostly comprised of these three parts:

  • The crown, giving the implant its natural appearance and is created by a dental technician.

  • The abutment, the middle piece that connects the crown with the base and is placed on the gums.

  • The base, manufactured with titanium, locks the implant within the jaw.

How much do Dental Implants Cost?

Their cost varies due to numerous factors, including the dentist's experience and country, the patient's complexity, or the implants used.

In our clinics in North Macedonia, the cost is significantly lower than in other European countries. Of course, with no sacrifices in our services' quality! We're using dental implants manufactured from Ditron and Ankylos, with costs varying between 500 to 800 euros, depending on the patient case's complexity.

How are Dental Implants Surgically Placed?

How Painful is a Dental Implant Surgery

We cannot give a straight yes or no answer to this question. The reason being is that it really depends.

A dentist should carefully plan the process, to ensure that it fully matches the patient's needs. Of course, they should clinically realize the whole procedure. If all goes well, then the patient indeed will not feel any pain during the process, and they will be able to fully recover with minimum pain afterward.

However, dental implants are complex, and this complexity can be very challenging for dentists that aren't experts in this field. Experience is key; without it, a lot of crucial information will not be taken into consideration, potentially leading to serious issues for the patient.

Worry not though, because you're in luck! Our clinic in Doiran has conducted thousands of dental implant treatments, over the course of many years. This expertise will ensure that we can bring your smile back to its optimal condition.

Do you feel that you have even more questions about dental implants? Fear not! We are here to help. Feel free to reach us through our contact form or through the phone. We will be very happy to help you regain or retain your dental health.

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