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5 Q&As for Braces

Last week's blog about dental implants Q&As made us realize that you may have more questions about another important dental issue: braces!

This infamous procedure in orthodontics might have been a subject of horror for many. And yes, while it may be a bit difficult sometimes, braces' value shouldn't be doubted.

That's why we decided to research your questions for them, and give proper answers to you all. Ready? Let's go!

How do braces work, and what kind of braces can I choose from?

Of course, we would start with the basics. But for these questions, you can find the answers in this blog post!

What to eat when wearing braces?

There are clear do's and don'ts here.

We wholeheartedly suggest foods that can be easily chewed, such as slow-cooked meat, steamed rice, soups, and soft fruits and vegetables. These foods are still on the table (pun intended).

On the contrary, hard-to-chew and crumbly/crunchy foods can be an issue. Avoid hard candy, popcorn, and nuts at all costs.

Hard candy, a dentist's arch nemesis!

How to clean my teeth while wearing braces?

Sure, braces are here to help your overall dental health. But wearing them complicates your oral hygiene, so much so that it will be good to adhere to the following tips:

  • Use a soft toothbrush, so you can navigate it between all your teeth and gum's nooks & crannies with ease.

  • Brush your teeth after each meal, as the braces' wires tend to "withhold" food pieces frequently.

  • Don't be hasty while brushing: it's not a race, but a marathon. Give the right amount of time & care to clean everything the right way.

  • Use a floss threader instead of simple floss.

  • Don't forget to use mouthwash, depending on your dentist's suggestions.

How to sleep with braces;

After brushing and taking care of your oral hygiene, it's time to sleep. But, with braces, this might not be the same no more!

Sleeping on your side or on your stomach is something that you might need to change, as it increases the risk of injury. And in any case, if you find yourself rubbing your teeth in your sleep, a mouth guard will be an invaluable investment for this period!

Sleep on the back woman.png
Sleeping on your back is considered to be the healthiest way to sleep. In a brace-wearing reality, it gets even healthier!

How to kiss with braces?

Everywhere we looked, we found this question being quite frequently asked. So we couldn't avoid giving an answer to it.

Step zero remains the same with any kiss situation really; make sure your oral hygiene is on point. Utilize all tips mentioned above for that.

Another point is to also use dental wax, as it helps to live with braces in general.

But our most important advice is one; take it slow!

You don't need to abandon your love life because you are wearing these metal wires, but you do need to adapt to this new reality. Take time to explore this new circumstance, as this can quickly turn sour by injuring yourself or your partner. Relax and, well, enjoy the moment!


Having further questions about braces? Feel free to contact us through our contact form or through the phone. We will be very happy to help you navigate through this, understandably, complex topic!

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